12 Archangels Courses for Wealth Re-Creation & Creating a New Financial Reality for You, Your Loved Ones & Schoolroom Earth


Is Your Fear of Lack Controlling You From Deep Within?


"We believe it is time for any willing human being to understand the TRUTH about the thought form of money. Together with the fear impregnated into the money thought form and the multi-layered fusion of deep subconscious beliefs that you are not enough can keep you stuck in lack of cash and low self-worth. Real wealth and abundance can only be created from the inside out.


Having money can come and go and your future security can always feel questionable. When you have tasted the incredible creative genius that your own Soul can grant you access to, then you can understand what lasting security and ever flowing abundance looks like and feels like on Schoolroom Earth. We offer you our alchemical lessons to change what may have always seemed hidden behind a secret veil. It is your birthright to be independent and independently prosperous, doing what you love and sharing the gifts (that you very well may be taking for granted) in exchange for wealth and health. We say, "Dive in and discover the lies locked in the subconscious that have held you down for long enough, Divine Creator!" -Eternal Love & Abundance, the 12 Archangels and Many Helpers in Heaven

In all my years of channeling the Angels and Ascended Masters, I have never experienced the incredible moving force of LOVE and LIGHT that I felt while channeling these POWERFUL reality-shifting classes. This is why the recordings range from 5 to 25 minutes each. The shorter length was all I could handle and likely the same for you! I learned truths that I have been asking to know for nearly three decades. The TIME TO BREAK FREE OF THE LIES THAT BIND US TO MONEY IS NOW!

~ Love, Belinda

About the Courses


The Angels and Guides have infused deep subconscious transformation and Truth awakening Energy in each of their 33 + channeled audio lessons. They say, "It is time for humanity to move out of poverty and limitation. Within each human are the roots of unworthiness and lack that must be lifted up from the hidden storage places that hold fiercely to the "old male's" lies and returned to the Light and Sound of God. Here they can be transformed back into the original intention of wealth and abundance for all those willing to receive it!"

The alchemy is in the PROCESS of how each class weaves into the next. Please do the classes in order. You can use your computer or any mobile device. You are welcome to listen within the virtual classroom or download the audios and PDFs directly to your own computer.

  • Do you fully understand that the subconscious (the part of you that stores fear, anger, and trauma) is creating 90% or more of any suffering and lack you are experiencing?

  • Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted from giving so much and receiving so little?

  • Have you waited long enough for the big windfall, knight in shining armor or inheritance from the secret distant relative? 

  • Do you BELIEVE that your Soul knows how to provide abundance through you, for you?

  • Would you like to learn the 12 Archangels alchemical formulas for transforming your conscious, subconscious and even astral body blocks to receiving wealth from the Universe?

  • Are you willing to help the mentors and designers of Schoolroom Earth co-create a new financial reality for all human beings and help restore the planet while doing this?

Completing the lessons for Wealth Re-creation and Inner Transformation (course 1) IS RECOMMENDED before taking

The 12 Archangels Guide to Creating a New Financial Reality (course 2) . Each course is $129 if purchased separately and $219 if purchased together. The Courses WORK TOGETHER!

Course 1: Wealth Re-Creation & Inner Work Transformation


What's Included?

  • 21 short (5 to 15 minute high vibe) channeled audio lessons designed to be repeated to facilitate the transformation of your reality from the inside out.

  • Bonus course of 3 additional lessons for transforming credit card debt once and for all.

  • eBook PDF of additional guided imagery exercises and prayers/intentions 


The alchemy is in the PROCESS of how each class weaves into the next. Please do the classes in order and REPEAT them. 

Course 2: The 12 Archangel's Guide to Creating a New Reality


What's Included?

  • 12 moderate length (13 to 25 minute) in-depth and multi-dimensional channeled audio lessons.

  • PDF of potent affirmations and prayers for daily use. 


The alchemy is in the PROCESS of how each class weaves into the next. Please do the classes in order and REPEAT them.