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Enrollment for VIS is Open NOW!

Very Important Soul Program

Do you need clear insight and direction from the 12 Archangels and your Helpers in Heaven more often?


The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, Heart of God, have asked me to offer a private consultation program that is focused and full of highest- vibe- voltage- Angelic energy to support accelerated progress in living on Earth as you do in Heaven.


The VIS (Very Important Soul) program is a set of 4 (1- hour) super focused support sessions that are followed by a new channeled, guided meditation that is emailed to you within a day or two of each session.


It is recommended that you do 1 consultation each week and listen to the guided meditations daily. If the pace is too fast, we slow the sessions down and if you need to cancel or reschedule a session, no problem.  It is required that you do your sessions no slower than 1 VIS session per month. 


How It Works: 


1. Choose 1 area of focus  from the list below (or email Belinda your preferred focus). All 4 consultations will focus on this 1 area of healing/growth/success (unless redirected by the 12 Archangels WHICH OFTEN HAPPENS). The Angels take these sessions to new levels of healing so that you feel loved and directed as to how to move forward with your life’s needs and goals. 

Focus Areas:

Awaken your divine ability to receive from Source and manifest the life you want to be living. We will be doing deep DNA Scrubs to transform the layers of grief, pain, guilt, shame, lack, unworthiness and much more stored in your subconscious. Do you know what you inherited from your parents, ancestors and brought in to forgive from your past lives? 

Mapping out your heart and Soul's happiest vocation/career here on Earth at this time in your life.


Spiritual evolution, learning tools to activate your own intuitive, creative and spiritual gifts and transform yourself into your true, authentic, divinely human Being.


Creative projects, business start-up or re-focusing a current business (great for getting an idea into manifestation and/or growing a business)


Opening to fully receive from Divine Source (recommended if there is a pattern of on-going lack that you want to break through)


Stepping out of crisis and leaping into a happy childhood now (deeply healing if you are a survivor and really tired of just surviving)


Bringing in a romantic, true- love partner, loyal friend or repairing an existing relationship 


Working through trauma and finding forgiveness and understanding for an ex-partner (living or deceased), parent or family member (living or deceased). 


Dream interpretation (perfect for the nighttime dreamer who wants to understand what your dreams are communicating to you)

2. Email Belinda ( and tell me the best day of the week and time on that day for you to speak over zoom, Skype or conference line. This will be your set weekly appointment until you have used up your 4 sessions (and you can always sign up again if you would like to continue this deep work). If you need to cancel, or you forget your appointment, we just move to the next week.  If you choose to do your sessions at a slower pace, we will schedule them 1 session at a time. It is required that you do your sessions no slower than 1 VIS session per month.

3. Pay for your VIS 4-session program. If you are unhappy after your first appointment, ask for a full refund. Need a payment plan? Email Belinda and we can set up a pay-as-you-go plan.  However, it is amazing what happens when you ask God and the 12 Archangels to send you the money you need to support you in being a happy and abundant VIS.


4. Call in for your appointment. You will receive a channeled, guided meditation usually within a couple of days after your appointment for additional healing and to support discovery of gifts and inner guidance. If needed, prayer and energy work is included before, and after your session.


Please understand that I will prepare for each session in advance. Please make sure that I have the date, time and place of your birth because I will check on your astrology before every consultation. Your sidereal natal chart always helps me to discover something new.


This program is a generous package so ask your heart if you are ready to experience receiving some awesome attention and help from Belinda, the 12 Archangels, Ascended Masters and your Guides and Helpers in Heaven.

The cost of the VIS program (set of 4 sessions) is $1,699 if paid upfront. To pay-as-you-go, each individual VIS session is $444.  


You may repeat the full VIS program of 4 sessions with meditations as desired. You may also schedule an individual VIS session after you have finished the set of 4 sessions. An individual VIS session costs $444 (and includes a channeled guided meditation). 


If paying in installments, please email Belinda and she will send you your PayPal link.

VIS appointment spots are very limited! 

"The VIS program has crystalized many years of inner transformational work in a way that I know I have reached a new level of cellular change that is being noticed in my life, not only by me, but by those who know me.   Thank you, Belinda and the Angels, for helping me to make my life shine!"

- Eileen, CA

"Hello Belinda! I was thinking of you yesterday and of all of the life changing sessions we've been having.   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the truly SPECTACULAR job you've done in counseling and communicating angels' messages, your life experience as a conscious co-creator with Spirit, and all of the compassion, love and support you've given to me.


This last meditation is truly amazing.  Each time I listen to it, I find more and more golden nuggets of healing courage and self confidence.  My eyes are tearing up with so much gratitude."


- DAO in CT

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