Join Me at one of these Upcoming Live Webinars and Events

Conscious Living and Dying conference            Keynote speaker

October 2018

This Sacred Earth: Ancient Guidance for the Present Time

Our vision is to help release fear-based thinking and increase confidence and empowerment—which often eases the grieving process.

​We warmly invite you to join us in vital conversations on life, death and the afterlife in balmy, beautiful Southern Colorado. When it comes to living and dying, perhaps you would like more education and confidence--or perhaps you are interested in what is happening within this cutting-edge field that is both scientific and soulful.  If so, please plan to join us!

Heaven's messages 2 Webinar

Understanding the symbolic language of daily life and nighttime dreams

Saturday, July 21st 1pm-4 EST

Be prepared to have your mind blown open, really,  by what you are going to learn!

In Heaven's Messages 2 you'll learn:

  • The value of your feelings, mood and state of mind.

  • The importance of color, weather, nature and how to communicate with plants, streams, mountains and more.

  • The importance of stubbing your big toe and other accidental mishaps.

  • The importance of your nighttime dreams and how to figure out what they are telling you.

  • Intro to using the magic mirror

*Heaven's Messages 1 is required as a prerequisite to attend this class. The audio recording is available for download below.

How to Recognize and Interpret Messages from Heaven Webinar

Recording Available Now!

Through Learning to Sense, Know, Hear and See Through the Eyes and Ears of the Inner Child.

An Experiential, deep healing, three hour intensive where you'll learn:

  • How to begin to understand the "language of your reality"

  • Group DNA Scrub for the wounded inner child

  • How to eliminate self-doubt, confusion, worthlessness and lack.

  • And more...

Interview with Janet Conner, host of Soul Directed Life on Unity Radio

May 24th, 2018 @ 2pm

Belinda and the Angels chat with Janet Conner about living a Soul Directed life.

Tune in May 24th at 2pm click HERE to listen.