Are You Willing to Feel Better in Your Human Being?

The 12 Archangels CAN Help!

The 12 Archangels, Angel Love Doctors and Many Other Helpers in Heaven, together with Belinda Womack, welcome you to experience two new audio programs designed to help you feel far better in your human body,  and in your daily life.


Packed with the Energy of Divine Love, highest vibe wisdom and incredible tenderness, we invite you to experience,


Healing With the 12 Archangels II and

Living With the Angels I

Sold together because you deserve the whole package!

If sold separately, each program costs $84. This 2-program bundle gives you a savings of $69. Prices are determined by the 12 Archangels and Team of Heavenly Helpers. Ask Source for the funds to be given to you with ease and trust.

If you do not already own the audio course "Healing with Angels I," please click here

What's Included?



Healing with the 12 Archangels II


7 "Healing Treatments," in the form of comforting guided meditations that work even if you sleep through them.

  • Recording 1: Introduction for Healing with the Angels II,

      The Angels welcome you to their program and also give clear          encouragement to seek the care of a human physician when            needed.

  • Recording 2: The Wisest Messenger,

      Learn how to have clear communication with the Nature Angel          in your body so that you can hear what your pain is telling you        (and make that headache go away).​

  • Recording 3: The River of Healing,

      This "healing treatment" offers a whole body energetic detox              and feeding of your cells with LOVE from the Central Sun

  • Recording 4: Carbohydrate Love,

      Take away the judgment and learn what your cravings are                telling you that you really need and receive what you need from        Divine Source.

  • Additional PDF: What Are Your Cravings Telling You

  • Recording 5: Digestive Tract Healing

      Learn to commune with the wise counselors of the gut flora and receive a complete "Divine Mother's Love" renewal of            your digestive system.

  • Recording 6: Organ Support and Whole Body Healing,

      Energetic detox and healing for every "nook and cranny" of your primary organs and organ systems.

  • Recording 7: Wellness Support,

      This deepest healing meditation works to transform the darkest roots of illness caused by the lies and deception hidden          in religion. Fear out, love in. 

  • Recording 8: Welcome to the Circle,

      Acknowledge the stories of your ancestors and support the transformation of inherited vulnerability to disease. 

Living with the Angels I


The Angels ask you to listen and discover the delightful journeys that await you in each of these 8 guided meditations. Let yourself be surprised by the love, humor and creative imagination of the 12 Archangels!

  • Recording 1: Happy Start for Every Day

      Start off your day on a high vibe and energized where you are open to receive miracles and support.

  • Recording 2: Super Hero Within

      Experience the magnificent Power of the Divine Child and discover just how divine you really are. 

  • Recording 3: Always Provided For

      Feel loved, safe and understood

  • Recording 4: Restoring Heaven on Earth

      Take an incredible journey with the 12 Archangels to help Mother Earth to heal her body.

  • Recording 5: White Fire Bubble Bath

      Clear the negativity of the day and of a lifetime!

  • Recording 6: Escape to Venus

     Enjoy a most restoring spa day without leaving your home.

  • Recording 7: Peaceful One

      End your day full of bliss and the peacefulness needed for a wonderful night's sleep. 

  • Recording 8: Never Be Lonely

      Connect with all those who love you on the other side of the veil and truly, never feel lonely again. You are never                outside of Oneness, experience it and soak it in. 

  • Recording 9: Bonus, Healing Love for Ego

      Help your ego be your friend by lifting him/her up to feel the LOVE of the Universe and the support available at all              times.

Or, get all four courses together for a discount of $96 and a total of only $120. This is called 'Heaven on Earth with the Angels ' and includes:

+"Healing Power of the Angels 1"

+Its Bonus class, "Souls Express"

+"Healing Power of the Angels 2"

& "Living with the Angels 1"

*Bonus* Complimentary Meditation: Do You Know the Superhero Within?

These "healing treatments" are guided imagery meditations from the 12 Archangels and do not replace medical treatment from a well-trained and qualified medical practitioner. Please use common sense and please do repeat listening to the meditations. They will help even if you sleep through them. I've heard, more than once, that my voice can put some listeners to sleep!


 These meditations can be listened to within the podia virtual classroom or directly downloaded to your device. They are copyrighted by me so here you go to make it official, © Belinda J Womack, 2019. You are not allowed to sell these meditations and if you wish to share them with a loved one, please be respectful and ask me (so that I can say, "YES!")

If you desire to have deeper insight and transformative healing of what is happening within your own body (after completing Healing with the Angels II and Living with Angels I), think about a DNA/atom Scrub with Belinda and the 12 Archangels. You can learn more about the DNA Scrub HERE.

"I just finished listening to "Living with the Angels 1" and I'm doing a "Grateful" dance! I have a basic First Aid Kit for cuts and now I have a First Aid Kit for my ego and soul!"

I can load all the modules on my phone and carry them with me everywhere.  I can and will use them whenever I’m feeling down or having a bad mood no matter where I'm at.  No module is longer than 20 minutes and I can easily fit that into my chaotic situation.


The other freeing aspect for me is that I don’t have to remember what to do.  All I need to do is listen to the appropriate module.  And I will be uplifted.  Once again I will feel the Angels love through the words and the love pouring through Belinda’s voice.  I felt her voice like liquid love covering me like a wet suit or another layer of skin.  


I feel this is an essential audio program that everyone needs to have.  It is as basic a necessity as a cell phone is to most people.  You never know where you might be and what situation you might encounter where you require assistance.


Thank you Belinda and the Angels for providing tools for my daily life.

P.S. - I LOVED the bubble bath!!!!

~Diane in Virginia