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Heart Power Recovery

Restore and Amplify the Force of Drawing

All-Things-Positive to You!

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A one-of-a-kind, audio and images course channeled by Belinda Womack

and taught by the 12 Archangels and Helpers in Heaven.


In this evolutionary and transformational advanced training, the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters give us the tools to unleash the highest vibe POWER of the Heart chakra. Are you ready to magnetize Heaven on Earth into your daily life and help the human collective do the same?


HEART POWER RECOVERY uses IMAGES to do the heavy lifting of deep subconscious fear (present life, past lives and ancestry) because FEAR limits the incredible power of the Heart. The course also includes powerful (super charged by the 12 Archangels)  images to open the DOOR TO HEAVEN. Your creative brain UNDERSTANDS this language and it sure speeds up the Heart Chakra's ability to attract in a better and far happier reality for YOU and FOR SCHOOLROOM EARTH! 

The first part of the course is FREE and offers a jump start into attracting what you need now. Click the button below to get started!

(No obligation to sign up for the paid portions of the course).

The Angels recommend that you are participating in or have completed one of the following before diving into Heart Power Recovery: The 12 Archangels University, the 12 Archangels Graduate Program, Wealth Re-creation or the 12 Angels Shamanic Audios.

What's Included?


PART ONE: Heart Power Recovery FREE Intro

  • Class 1: What does it mean to recover the power of the heart? & Images for daily practice 

  • Class 2: Open now & Images for daily practice

  • Class 3: How prayer/intention really works & Images for daily practice

PART TWO: Deepest Transformation Of the Past That Inhibits the Power Now

  • Class 4: Transforming ancestral and past life trauma stored within the heart

  • Class 5: Releasing grief and loss from war and violence

  • Class 6: Releasing rage from the body through the heart chakra

  • Class 7A: Transforming separation between human and creator part 1

  • Class 7B: Transforming separation between human and creator part 2

  • Class 8: Lifting up denial, self-sacrifice and unworthiness from you and from humanity

PART THREE: Healing What Hurts

  • Class 9: Seek and find the wounded children hiding within

  • Class 10: Transforming and forgiving the unforgivable in the witness files

PART FOUR: Extending the Heart, Magnifying the Power

  • Class 11: The world of the 12 Archangels opens for you 

  • Class 12: Coming full circle, USE THAT POWER!

  • Class 13: Good news for the uber-sensitive empathic caregiver!

  • Class 14: Ready for a real-love relationship? Tools and images to open the door

Each class also comes with its own images to support each exercise.

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"HPR blew my mind. In a good way."


The depth of the healing I have experienced in just 14 lessons is something I still haven't managed to wrap my mind around. Miracles are my new normal and I feel more connected than ever. 1000% recommended to anyone who wishes to create Heaven on earth."


~Maite Issa, 

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