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Healing with the Angels 1 & 2

Healing with the Angels 1:  The 3 Steps to Receiving Healing Energy from the Angels In Order to Experience a Sense of Heaven on Earth

Do you find yourself suffering from what the Angels call “hell on Earth”?


For example, are you struggling to pay your bills, or sometimes feel sick or fatigued, depressed, lost, lonely or hopeless?


If so, it’s because you’ve fallen into the illusion that you’ve been separated from your Creator (the experience of Hell). Do you find yourself thinking that you’ve been abandoned and have to deal with life all alone? This leaves you living in a lower vibration. Raising your vibration can be difficult if your brain is caught in fear and negativity. Each time you wonder, “what if?” or feel insecure about your choices, that fear is fueling the low vibration that’s keeping you pessimistic about your life.


The Angels know that this is the human condition, and they are here to help us out of this perceived Hell. It is their mission to bring us back to the Love of the Creator and to allow us to experience a sense of Heaven on Earth: more abundance, peace, happiness and relaxation.


It is our birthright to be happy.


Before the 12 Archangels can help any one of us, there are 3 steps we need to take in order to experience the greatest benefit from working with their healing power.


These 3 steps are:

Step One: Clear your body of the low vibration of fear.


When we find ourselves trapped in the low vibrations of fearful thoughts and feelings, we can quickly succumb to believing that life is hard and won’t get any better. We may worry about our cash flow or that we may get ill. When we feel lonely, resentful, angry and miserable, we can be sure that we are stuck in fear.


Life can be miraculously different when we step out of the fearful obsessing that happens when we want to control the solutions to our problems. We have the power to re-create our lives from the inside out—using our thought and emotional energy—just like our Creator.


Step Two: Fill up your vessel with the highest vibration of LOVE from Creator.


When you fill your being with the healing Love of the Creator, you’re able to nurture your mental, emotional and physical health and wellness. You’ll feel more energy for daily tasks, experience greater creative inspiration, and see your life in a whole new way. You’ll come from a place of love instead of a place of fear, which will serve to bring everything your heart desires into your world.


Step Three: Connect with the Divine Child within so that you can plug into the clearest channel of your intuitive Truth.


The Divine Child is the aspect of our inner child that is free and can help us transform the pain of the wounded child who remembers the past and holds on to injustice and sorrow. The wounded child is the part of us that works from the depths of our subconscious to protect us from being rejected. This child steers us away from taking risks but ends up steering us right back into our past through the choices of today.


When you connect with the Divine Child, you are connecting with the voice of highest truth in your superconscious, the part of your mind that is connected to the larger Universe and to Source. Yes, you can develop your intuition and know the right path and best choice for you, no matter the situation.


So how can you swiftly move through these 3 steps in order to let go of the stressful anxiety of your worries and challenges and step into the Love of the Creator? Allow us to show you…

What You'll Learn in the Program

In my Healing With The Angels audio program, I will take you through each of the 3 steps that will raise your vibration from one of fear to one of love, to allow more happiness and abundance into your everyday life. 


Healing With The Angels is a 3-hour audio program that you download on your computer. Listen anywhere—at your desk or in your sacred space, using your smartphone or mp3 player. 


In part 1 of the program 

you will learn how to use your ego or conscious mind to reach the blocked negative emotions that are stuck in your subconscious, in order to make room for the healing power of Angels. Through guided imagery exercises, you will use your creative imagination to open and clear your emotional body and mental body of hindrances such as feeling undeserving or not having enough. 


In part 2 

I will take you through a powerful, guided meditation using chakras where you will open up to receiving the transformative energy of abundant and unconditional love from the Universe. 


Finally, in part 3 

You will learn a way to connect with your Divine Child so that you know exactly where your emotional wounds and limited negative beliefs are and where to send the 12 Archangels’ healing energy into your being. 


You’ll also learn: 


• The purpose of fear in our lives and how it can help us to evolve 


• The Angels’ message to us about how to handle sorrow and mourning over a loss 


• What can contaminate our intuition and prevent us from communicating with our Divine Child 


• How beliefs can be inherited from generation to generation, and how to know if you are storing old memories that are lowering your vibration 


• How to let in love energy into our subconscious in order to create more of Heaven in our everyday life 


• The 4 expressions of God’s energy within us and around us 


• What suffering, misery and lack tell us about our vibrational energy and what you can do today to shift into abundance, peace and harmony and manifest more of what you want in life 


When You Place Your Order Today, You’ll Also Receive A FREE Bonus Gift: 


Includes a BONUS of a FREE audio course, "Souls Express". This fun and fast moving 3 part audio class fires up your creative genius to help you open to receive abundance. Course comes with 3 MP3s and 4 PDFs. 

​"Belinda, I wish to thank you so much for the light-filled tools you share from the Archangels.

Your book, Lessons from the 12 Archangels, guided me through a full week of deep transformation while sitting in my own living room. However, upon a second reading, it seems as if I am reading it for the first time!! I also benefited much from your audio course. Like sparkling gems found in pools of water, your channeled words of Angelic guidance have brought me tools that greatly aid my own healing, that of my loved ones, and Mother Earth. Thank you, thank you." 

-M.B. in China

It is our destiny to experience Heaven’s vibration of unconditional love, unity and abundance in daily life. 


When we live from a higher vibration, we can begin to receive from the Universe the experiences, opportunities and miracles that we long for in our hearts. We can attract a life partner, create a new business, find work that makes a positive difference in the world, attract prosperity and abundance and wake up each morning feeling happy to be alive.


All three, one-hour classes are only $48.00 total.

To get started right away, simply click on the button below and you will receive an email with your access information to the Healing With The Angels audio program.

Healing with the Angels 2

7 "Healing Treatments," in the form of comforting guided meditations that work even if you sleep through them. 


  • Recording 1: Introduction for Healing with the Angels II, The Angels welcome you to their program and also give clear encouragement to seek the care of a human physician when needed.

  • Recording 2: The Wisest Messenger, Learn how to have clear communication with the Nature Angel in your body so that you can hear what your pain is telling you (and make that headache go away).

  • Recording 3: The River of Healing, This "healing treatment" offers a whole body energetic detox and feeding of your cells with LOVE from the Central Sun

  • Recording 4: Carbohydrate Love, Take away the judgment and learn what your cravings are telling you that you really need and receive what you need from Divine Source.

  • Additional PDF: What Are Your Cravings Telling You

  • Recording 5: Digestive Tract Healing, Learn to commune with the wise counselors of the gut flora and receive a complete "Divine Mother's Love" renewal of your digestive system.

  • Recording 6: Organ Support and Whole Body Healing, Energetic detox and healing for every "nook and cranny" of your primary organs and organ systems.

  • Recording 7: Wellness Support, This deepest healing meditation works to transform the darkest roots of illness caused by the lies and deception hidden in religion. Fear out, love in. 

  • Recording 8: Welcome to the Circle, Acknowledge the stories of your ancestors and support the transformation of inherited vulnerability to disease. 

Healing with the Angels 2 was designed to work together with Living with the Angels 1, to learn more about

Living with the Angels 1 click here 


Purchase both courses at a discounted price of $99

or separately for $84 each.

Or, get all four courses together for a discount of $96 and a total of only $120. This is called 'Heaven on Earth with the Angels ' and includes:

+"Healing Power of the Angels 1"

+Its Bonus class, "Souls Express"

+"Healing Power of the Angels 2"

& "Living with the Angels 1"

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