Work with Belinda and the 12 Archangel's Gifted Healers

Graduates from the Advanced Training Program

" Choose any of these exceptional healing artists and life-path illuminators and you will be so very glad you did! All of these gifted people have completed the 12 Archangels' advanced training and I'm grateful to have them as peers and friends." ~Belinda

Health Coach, weight balance & nutrition.

Kacie Lynette

Kacie is a compassionate and highly sensitive health coach and she also assists with weight balancing and nutrition. To schedule your consultation with Kacie, visit her site here:

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Do You Feel Unfulfilled
in Your Relationship?

I help women learn how to be in relationship without compromising themselves. To learn how to receive love from another without sacrificing their needs, pushing aside their feelings, compromising their bodies, or aligning with lack, in order to get their needs met. While we may not consciously identify with these habits, there is often deep and old programming of m/f dynamics buried within us that can hold us in these patterns. If you fee like your needs aren't being met, are harboring anger or resentment with your partner, are highly sensitive and often triggered, feel disconnected and sexually uninterested in your partner, it may be time for you to reclaim your power within your relationship.

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Stephanie Allen

Intuitive guide, energy healer & spiritual teacher.

Kelli Thompson

Kelli is an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher that supports others on their journey of self- discovery through both private sessions and small group work. She often supports and empowers other healing artists, empaths and intuitives on their path. Learn more at her website, or email her to schedule a session.


Triumphing Through Life's

Cristina Iurco

Cristina offers one-to-one intuitive support for life’s big challenges, endings and new beginnings. She is also a gifted medium and messenger for Heaven’s Helpers as she is an Angel on Earth, herself. To get to know Cristina and schedule a session, go here:



Unlocking Your Heart Powered Will

Katy Samwell

Katy uses channeled healing sound, music, and her own magical singing voice to move blocked emotional energy to unlock your Heart Powered Will (truth, courage and happiness). To schedule a profoundly healing SoundAscending session with Katy, visit her website 

Connect with your very own Super Spirit Guide!

Baukje Westerlaken

After a dozen therapists, numerous books and personal development courses, I was about to give up on project life on Earth + Baukje = Happiness.

Belinda and the Angels showed me how to communicate with my Inner Child and how to access the abundance of power, creativity and overwhelming trust I nowadays experience.

Do you want to rise up and contribute to a better world? Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices you need to make? I can help you by connecting with your Inner Child and your team of helpers in Heaven.

They know how to heal what is holding you back in a most practical and effective way. AND how to reclaim your Devine creative powers and self esteem.

You can visit my website here:

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Hypnotherapy & feminine power coaching

Eric Morfin

Eric is a certified RTT (Hypno-Therapy) Practitioner who offers private coaching in the Feminine Power area. Eric also offers mentoring in connecting with the healing and wisdom of Mother Nature. To schedule a private consultation with Eric, please email him here.

What Would You Do if You Could Not Fail?


with Shem Guibbory



Whatever your aspirations, whoever you are, whoever you desire to become, Shem Guibbory, musician, master teacher and creator of SoundSense  , can help you realize that vision!


Shem facilitates your dissolving resistance, healing old wounds and patterns with SoundSense   - an integration of music, sound, energy, QiGong and insightful, supportive dialog. A gifted violinist with 50 years of professional experience, currently playing at the Metropolitan Opera, Shem uses his skill as a creative artist along with 20+ years of training in internal martial arts to show you how to reach your flow state so you can work effortlessly at your best, without thinking about it.


Shem Guiborry, soundsense, matt dine
karen crehan, reiki master, healing with nature, elementals, energy worker

Healing with the Flowers & Nature Angels

Karen Crehan

Hi! My name is Karen Crehan Sayago. My connection with the Nature Angels allows me to bring you healing energy in a beautiful,  gentle, and joyful way.  The Nature Angels work with me by putting their energy in the flower photos I take.  As a Reiki Master, I add universal healing energy into my photos also. 


When you work with these flower images, you will feel balance, peace, calm and understanding.  This healing energy works on a deep level reaching your subconscious where doubt, sadness, and insecurities are held. 


I experienced this healing firsthand as I was photographing the flowers. The Nature Angels helped me to understand and embrace my gifts.  Please visit my website to learn more.  I invite you to experience the healing energy of the Nature Angels and all the Divine Beings of Love and Light.

Inner Teenager Mystical Adventures

Shane Braverman

Shane offers one-to-one deeply healing sessions to help her clients truly embrace and forgive their teenage selves and learn that there is no one right way to be a human being. Transforming these old patterns of self-criticism and judgment helps to stop the patterns here and now so that future generations can experience a most joyful adolescence! To schedule with Shane, please visit her website. 


Empowering Individuals within the relationship, LMFT

Meghan Delaney

Meghan is a licensed marriage and family therapist and she loves to empower her clients through their own self- healing which, in time, transforms many of the other relationships they have. To learn more or to schedule with Meghan, visit her website.

Overcome challenging life dramas & Dream interpretation

Mayte Abad

Mayte offers intuitive insight to lift you up and out of painful life dramas. She has a true gift for interpreting dreams, communicating with the inner child and for relaying messages from Spirit. To schedule your session with Mayte, email her,


Intuitive, spot-on problem solving.

Angela Greywitt

Angela offers intuitive and spot on problem-solving solutions via email. To schedule with Angelia, email her to connect and then she will ask you to email your current situation and give you her fee prior to responding. You can email her at the address below, and to read Angela's blog, visit her site.



Kathryn Gorham

"Is my work, creativity, project, product, service or idea making a positive difference in the world?" Discover where your higher self is calling you to show up. Tools to guide you over the doubts and uncertainty as you journey in a new direction to a more inspiring reality. Do you want to show up in a way that gives you balance, joy and freedom?   Classes, blog and consults

As the world changes, we are changing how we show up. Are you ready to step into a new direction?


Support in becoming your own authority & maintaining boundaries. (Psy.D)

Kamila Smyk

Kamila is a therapist with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) who enjoys helping her clients find their true authentic self and trust their own gut intuition. She will support you in becoming your own authority who has the confidence to hold your boundaries with yourself and with others. To schedule a healing session with Kamila, email her at

Lead by Passion


Transforming leaders,


Increasing Performance,


Fulfilling Lives

Carmen Cruz

"As a conscious Leader and Mentor, it's my Intention, Passion and Purpose to impact people's lives in a way that Inspires them to express their authentic genius, share their Divine gifts and live their most fulfilled lives".


Does any of the above resonate with you but you feel you cannot express your true authentic self at work? Would you like to bring a more conscious and Spiritual way of living and leading to your organization? Do you find yourself isolated, misunderstood, exhausted or depleted from your energy after a day's work trying to bring more happiness to others? 


Individual or company, whatever stage of evolution you find yourself in, I am here to help you tap into your greatness, connect with your Highest Truth and bring forward the Evolutionary Leader inside of you so you become a vehicle for Inspiration, Transformation and Evolution for others


'Diane's Insights'


a blog

Just can’t watch another video?  Grab your favorite beverage and go sit in a comfortable chair and check out my blog.  I write about my life from a humorous perspective.  I’m sure my stories will put a smile on your face.  Heck, you might even laugh out loud!  


If you you want more, just enter your email address and you will be notified every time a new story is posted. Enjoy!

Animals are always communicating with us.

Kathy Van Guilder

Animal Communication

The innate ability to connect with pets and all animals lives in each of us and we have just forgotten how to open this all knowing sacred channel of communication.

I have had a special bond with animals my entire life and have been able to communicate with these supreme beings since I was a little child. I have served as a communication bridge between animals and humans for over 15 years through animal communication one on one sessions and courses.

Not only can I help you understand how your animal is feeling, what they need, and the root of a behavioral issue, but I can also help you hear the amazing wisdom that your pet wants to share with you so that you feel better and have a happier life. I can teach you how to communicate and gain a deeper understanding of your pet and all animals through one of my online courses or for more immediate help, you can book a one on one with me.

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Products to support your heart, health & joy.

Mary Armendarez

Mary's soul has been called to help you create your own daily happiness.  She has been on a journey to bring as much happiness as possible into her life and would  like to show you how to do the same. She founded Basic Purity as a way to share her secret's to a life filled with an abundance of happiness, health, wealth and connection. She has created beautiful Self-Healing Kits, Mediation Candles so that you can heal, transform and harness your power to create whatever you want in life. These tools will help guide you to a life you love by helping you heal from the inside out. Perfect gifts for yourself or any loved one that is in need of healing.

Self Healing Kits.png

Do you feel called to help humanity and Mother Earth? If you're interested in joining next year's program, click here.

"Working with Belinda and the Angels in the Healing Artists Graduate Program has been an amazing, life changing experience."

"I always knew I was meant to be doing something more in line with my life’s purpose, something that helped people, but had never been able to nail down what that actually looked like and had spent so many years endlessly searching for. Not only did the GP program help me to define what that is, I have so many amazing tools to put that into action. I am clear, confident in making my soul purpose my new life time career, which means I feel strong enough and have the means to be able to leave a corporate job that sucks the life out of me. 


Belinda has taught me so much about myself and my inner children which has helped me grow into my power and be able to get through life situations that before I would have never been able to face. The amount of love that emanates from Belinda is beautiful, she is truly an angel and the care that she gives through this program, it's actually difficult to put into a few words! It feels like every cell is being filled with warmth, comfort, truth, strength, courage, trust and so so much love. As well as lovely Belinda, the support of the other students has been amazing and I have found family I will cherish for ever.  

I am so excited to embark on my soul's purpose and help people find their truth, just as Belinda has helped me find mine."

-Thank you so much, Belinda.  From my heart to yours, love you.


"If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and express your fullest potential helping our planet and humanity expand and transform from fear to love, Don't Wait Another Minute.

The 12 Archangels Graduate Program is the journey of a lifetime!. It's truly a gift from the heavens and the deepest path I know to the awakening of your Higher Self and the discovery of your Life's Purpose. 


This past year, my life has transformed itself in a way I could never imagine. The program has given me many gifts, but the greatest gift of all, has been the journey back to discover myself through the Love of myself. Working with the Angels and Belinda has allowed me to reconnect with my Higher Wisdom and my Highest Truth, uncovering the intention I had when I decided to come back to this Earth School. 


As a conscious business leader and Spiritual Illuminator, this program has helped me uncover and honor my Highest gifts. Working through the Love and guidance of Belinda and the Angels, I've become a higher expression of myself and in turn, I'm now able to best serve others, as I help them to find their own Truth. Undergoing this deep transformation, reaching my atomic level, I am forever changed, I'm forever grateful. 

So, If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and to express your fullest potential helping the planet and our humanity expand and transform from Fear to Love, don't wait another minute. The voice won't go away... you've ben called to Serve! Follow the sign, enjoy this incomparable journey and I will see you, transformed, on the other side with the Angels, Belinda and the Graduate program family! 

-All my love,