What Is a DNA Scrub?

In this 1 hour 30 minute, private consultation, Belinda and the Angels will take you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. By taking a look at what is happening currently in your life, we will

  • discuss where you feel confused and need direction

  • do a thorough evaluation of what is missing in your daily life that will bring you joy, freedom and deep fulfillment.


Working together with your inner child and the Angels and Belinda's ability to see into the depths of your being, we will identify any limiting beliefs or deep subconscious self-concepts from your past life selves, parents and ancestors and transform them with the Power of Forgiveness. Human beings create our lives with our thoughts and feelings, and NINETY PERCENT OR GREATER of the material we use to create our experiences is generated from the subconscious and cellular memory. 


Are you WILLING to reawaken your Divinity and step out of the hidden unworthiness and fear of success carried in the DNA of your family genome (or brought into this life from your past lives)?

What kind of results can you expect? 

Transformation at the molecular level actually produces positive change in our moods, confidence level, mental focus and real willingness to receive what we have asked for from God. You can be sure that you will feel these positive results by the end of your session and this is only the beginning. Long after the session is over, you will have the insight to capture the old-fashioned beliefs as they bubble up from your subconscious and transform them swiftly before they go back under cover. As the old stories of fear and lack are eradicated from your vessel, you will be able to witness remarkable external changes in your life. A wonderful life is a life that only continues to get better!


Help you. Help those you love. Help humanity.

To Book a Session

Click the button below to purchase your DNA scrub session now.  Or you may pay by check via mail.  Next, email Belinda with your preferred times, along with your time zone, and Belinda will get back to you within 24 hours.  Sessions are by phone and recorded for future listening. 

Belinda’s DNA Scrub is extraordinary and unlike anything that I have ever experienced elsewhere.  

I was astonished when Belinda brought forth information about my mother and father that she could not have known.  When she was shown that my mother had received electric shock therapy before I was born and that I was carrying my mother’s trauma within my DNA, I was floored.  First, because Belinda was absolutely correct about what happened to my mother, and secondly, this revelation explained why I’ve spent most of my life telling my friends that I felt like God was wearing a big white lab coat and would shock me with electric prods just to see how I would respond.  I am so grateful for Belinda and her ability to uncover the genetic encoding from our parents and ancestors that is stored within the DNA of our cells and use that information to heal and restore lives.  Belinda is probably the most loving healer that I have ever met.  When you work with Belinda your life will be changed in many positive ways.”

- Sylvia, Seattle, WA