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Online Courses

Over 30 years of working together, the 12 Archangels have created numerous powerful and focused courses designed to help humanity raise their vibration and create their own heaven on earth. 

These are audio courses which you can do at your own pace, and work especially well when repeated.

The Angels have provided courses in subjects like abundance, working with the angels in your daily life, recovering your heart power, advanced training for light workers (professional or not, current and prospective), and more.  To explore all of their courses, click the link below.


Where should I start?
The 12 Archangels' Community Membership

 Membership includes the Illuminating Lessons program which includes two new channeled lessons each month along with over 100 archived lessons, the Deepest Healing Meditations program which includes two new channeled meditations each month, and the Sage Wisdom program which offers sample classes from gifted teachers. Also included is a rotation of courses from the 12 Archangels library. Don't forget to read the frequent posts of the Angels' positive affirmations that work to help receive abundance. Two months free with an annual membership.

If you're looking to dive a little deeper, I recommend the 12 Archangels' University. Using the clear images of the Universal Waite tarot cards, the 12 Archangels open the intuitive-creative brain so you can SEE, SENSE, and KNOW beyond. Awaken your deepest feelings and change your reality to far better!  To learn more about the 12 AU University, visit the link below.

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