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12 Archangels Course for Transforming the (Sometimes) Painful and Negative Reality of Living on Earth


  • Do you ever feel like you are trying to survive until the day you die and finally escape Schoolroom Earth?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you can’t BREATHE with all of the confusion, sorrow and negativity?

  • The 12 Archangels are rolling up their sleeves and ready to “put skin in the game” to help us RISE UP and create a better DREAM, a happier LIFE and a positively changing REALITY for all concerned!

In this 3 hour LOVE filled class, we will:


Clear fear, suffering and loss from the past and future with the 12 Archangels’ Sacred Spiral.

Activate the healing energy carried in the letters of your name. Remove the lens of negativity from the inner eyes of self-examination.

Work with the Angel Love Doctors and tap into the healing power of your own Body of Light and Sound.

Dream a new and better life into being with the help of the 12 Archangels

This is a 3- hour channeled audio course with a PDF and guided meditation included.

The Angels provide practical insight into how we create own realities and what we can do to positively change the global reality without jumping in where we are not allowed to go. Their tools for transforming negativity, pain and suffering are simple and profound. Ready to feel the greatest Power of undiluted Love at work?


Course Contents:


Topics we'll cover:

  • What is reality on Schoolroom Earth and where is “purgatory?”

  • How does creating reality on Earth work? Every person gets to be in their own movie and in their theater!

  • The “What’s Wrong” radio station, transforming negativity and why we want to do this swiftly!

  • How guilt creates pain and suffering and a tool for swift transformation of guilt. Clearing guilt, shame, blame and unworthiness.

  • Working with your Angel Love Doctor Team to clear negative, parallel realities through you, for the greatest good and highest upliftment for all.

  • Activating the healing power of undiluted love held within the letters of your name.

  • Experiencing the 12 Archangels within the sacred spiral to change the past and the future and fill the present and future with LOVE.

  • Rolling up the global reality and laying down a new highest vibe dream for Schoolroom Earth.


Connecting with the Healing Held Within the Letters of Your Name

Exercise 1: Taking Flight
Exercise 2: Praise for Me
Exercise 3: Singing Vowels of LOV

Guided Meditation:


Going within the Sacred Spiral with the 12 Archangels

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"I am in awe and exceedingly grateful..."


"I know this work is what you do, but yet again I am in awe and exceedingly, exceedingly grateful for the perfect timeliness, depth and scope of all that was offered/gifted within today's class….


Thank you so very, very much 



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