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Privacy, Terms and Conditions


I recommend that you work with the wonderful tools in “Lessons from the 12 Archangels” and the 12 Archangels Power Sessions before scheduling a consultation. With this said, you may still need my support for the following:


  • Unraveling the root cause of a complex karmic lesson and transforming the lesson

  • Insight and support from your team in Heaven for mapping out a spiritual/healing vocation

  • Support and advising for a creative project

  • Guidance to move through a major life crossroads where you feel overwhelmed by the current environment of change and the choices being presented

  • Any other area of your life where you can’t seem to see and feel your way out of the suffering and frustration

After nearly 30 years of doing private consultations, I have learned that one session is not enough to help you move through a lifetime of limited visibility into your true and authentic gifted self. Therefore, if you would like to do some private session work with Belinda, the 12 Archangels and your team of Helpers in Heaven to embark on an incredible journey of discovery, please click here to read about the VIS (Very Important Soul) Program. 


If you would like to try Belinda's healing sessions before committing to the VIS Program, you may sign up for one or more DNA Scrub Sessions.  Click here to learn more.


If you are a returning client, you are welcome to do a VIS session. This is a regular session that will be followed by a channeled guided meditation emailed to you within a day or two after your session. Please send me an email and let me know what you may need help with. We will decide together if one VIS session will give you the support needed or if you need to plan on more sessions.


If you own the 12 Archangels Healing Audios (do-them-yourself sessions), email me to schedule your first VIS session and I will send you a link for a discounted package price.


If you are a couple desiring to work on your relationship and are interested in doing spiritual healing or teaching work as a team, I will create a special VIS session package for you. Please email me to discuss.


If you are looking for a 1- time session, you are welcome to email me for a referral to another spiritual counselor.

How Does It Work?

All sessions are done by phone.  When you schedule your session, I will ask for your date, time and place of birth so that I can look at your natal (sidereal and tropical) astrology prior to our meeting. The 12 Archangels, and your team of Helpers in Heaven, are very thorough and will always cover as much ground as possible in an hour. I have more than 25 years experience in helping individuals, couples and families transform their lives by helping them to move beyond the pain of the past and limiting beliefs that block a better future from materializing. Our goal is to (gently) shake the ground underneath your feet so that you move forward in creating lasting happiness and real abundance.

At the correct time, we will both call into my conference line so that I can record the session and send you the MP3 file when we finish. The 12 Archangels recommend after a session that you please refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs but do rest, drink plenty of water and eat chocolate (a little works just fine).


Ask Divine Source for what you need and if it is for your greatest good, the funds to do a consultation with Belinda will come to you, IT WORKS!  Thank you for saying NO to lack and YES to abundance.  I look forward to speaking with you when the time is right!

Belinda and the 12 Archangels do not do "psychic readings" or predict the future. We help you by creating the reality that your heart and Soul is trying to bring into manifestation for your greatest good and highest joy.

My Personal Guarantee

If you feel that I did not help you, then I will refund your money and I ask that you let me know within the first 15 minutes of your session. My intention is to honor and respect you and I ask for the same respect in return. You are in charge of your own life and your own choices. Oh, and one final request, please don’t shoot the messenger. You are the creator and the transformer of your life and the guidance given is only that, guidance!

**To Manifest the funds needed for your consultation

Please ask God to bring you the funds, and when they arrive, use them for your consultation.

"My personal session with her cut right down through my pain to the crux of my issues."​

"Prior to my personal ‘DNA scrub session’ with Belinda, I was an avid follower of her teachings as a messenger for the 12 Archangels. I have found a great deal of solace and healing through her book, online courses, and bi-monthly channelings, but my personal session with her cut right down through my pain to the crux of my issues. Belinda’s ability to zero in on an intuitive level to the deepest layer requiring healing was quite an extraordinary experience to behold.


Previously, I’d been blinded by my sorrow so I was unable to see deep within myself to uncover the blocks that were holding me back. Belinda’s delivery was a dichotomy to me until now. The strength and assuredness with which she hones in, coupled with the tenderness and loving way she held my wounded child, allowed me to soak in the messages I needed deep into every cell. I’ve listened to our session recording multiple times since and will continue to do so as it was quite simply, a life-altering experience.


Thank you Belinda, for the dedication you demonstrate by helping so many of us heal so that we may shine our light for others as well. You are a gift."


Author A.P. Morris

"Belinda is all heart! I am honored to work with her and her beloved Angels on my healing journey.

I am sure you will be too!

"The transition from illness to well being can be a struggle, regardless of the illness' origin (mental, physical, spiritual). Belinda has the unique ability to cater to all three! Her love and genuine caring for her fellow man (or woman) is remarkable, and her intuition is always right on target!

She offers sage-like wisdom for your most specific concerns, and always guides you throughout your entire healing process, beginning to end. You will never feel alone or unsure when Belinda is on your healing team!

I am grateful for Belinda and the almighty Angels' role in my transformation, and have full confidence in their abilities to help all who seek their divine guidance!"

-Toni, Rhode Island