12 Archangel's Soul Session

90 Minutes with Guided Meditation to Follow

After doing private sessions with clients from all over the globe for nearly 30 years, I see a clear pattern in the gifted people that the Angels send to me for support. 

Most of my clients have the Soul and Heart of a spiritual healer- shaman, a transformer of self and a transformer of others, or he or she is a very creative and independent entrepreneur. Often, my work with the 12 Archangels is to validate for the ego what the Soul has been thundering to communicate. Souls speak to us in Truth and this Truth can start as a gentle whisper or a soft knock at the door. When the ego cannot hear the calling of the Soul’s true vocation or make it out clearly, Angels intervene and raise the volume of the inner voice and help hold the vibration of trust. Once the ego surrenders to the Soul (and this is a process that must happen over and over again), the Soul’s genius fires up like a great furnace and then all HEAVEN breaks loose! 

Are you ready to open the floodgate of what lies within you? Is your inner shaman attracting intense life lessons to you at the speed of Light and Sound? Do you feel that your subconscious has you permanently sinking in the quicksand of ancestral fears, past life failures and fears of survival if you actually were to follow your heart? The Angels and your team of Helpers in Heaven (including your higher self/Soul) cover all topics causing you to feel concern or to feel limited in your life. It’s your birthright as a Divine Child to BE HAPPY and where there is resistance to the push of Soul, there can be exhaustion, unexplainable discontentment and even a dose of misery. Ready to plunge into the depths of your incredible being? Let’s DO IT! 

What Do You Need To Do?

It begins with your sending me, Belinda Womack, the date, time and place of your birth so that I can study your natal sidereal astrology and current transits. The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun have other personas and these are the planets that rule the signs of the Zodiac. I am not an astrologer. I am a spiritual messenger for the 12 Archangels and this includes listening to the stories held within your natal astrology. The Angels speak to me through the chart and planets and reveal the mystery of the Soul’s vocation, way through the impass, or new creative project held within the signs and symbols of the celestial heavens. 

Along with your birth information, I will ask for you to tell me the best days and time options for you. Please plan on 90 minutes for our conversation. 

Once I have you on my schedule, I will send you a PayPal link for payment and the conference line number for you to call for your session. 

What Does a Session With Belinda Cost?   $600 USD

If you do not have the financial resources to pay for your session, please ask Divine Source to send you the funds, with ease and grace. This works much better for both of us, you get to practice asking God for what you need, and I am paid for my service (that requires more time and energy than can be measured with money). In case you are curious, the Angels set the price, not my ego. Payment is due at any time prior to your session.  

What Happens In A Session?

The Angels, through me, will ask you to share all that is happening in your life as well as what you desire to experience. We will ask questions about your family and ancestry and when you do not have the answers, we ask the family members on the other side to fill in the missing information. The 12 Archangels love to plumb the depths of the subconscious and they call this a “DNA scrub.” Along with a good scrubbing, we will go up into the library of (mostly subconscious and hidden) beliefs and unearth patterns that are keeping you in the safe and familiar but not allowing you to fully RECEIVE and experience all that your Soul encourages. The Soul has a way of pushing the ego to grow by demanding that it relinquish control, doubt and fear. Let’s transform the fear so your ego can fall into alignment and invite your heart (the Divine inner Child that lives within) to take the lead. Once ego is in a happy place, Soul can direct your life forward by leaps and bounds.

All sessions are done by phone.At the correct time, we will both call into my conference line so that I can record the session and send you the MP3 file when we finish. The 12 Archangels recommend after a session that you please refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs but do rest, drink plenty of water and eat chocolate (a little works just fine).

Ready to experience a phenomenal, inner shaman liberating, deepest cleanse and fill up with everlasting Divine Love session? And, of course, we will connect your head to your Soul so that your Soul’s vocation and or new creative enterprise is validated, grounded and illuminated for you. Life becomes one miraculous experience after another when your Soul is the leader you trust, honor and obey. Souls Sessions can be repeated if and when needed.

A Soul Session is required as a prerequisite for attending the 12 Angels Graduate Program. Subsequent sessions are up to the student’s discretion and need.

I'm Ready to Book!

"My personal session with her cut right down

through my pain to the crux of my issues."​

"Prior to my personal ‘DNA scrub session’ with Belinda, I was an avid follower of her teachings as a messenger for the 12 Archangels. I have found a great deal of solace and healing through her book, online courses, and bi-monthly channelings, but my personal session with her cut right down through my pain to the crux of my issues. Belinda’s ability to zero in on an intuitive level to the deepest layer requiring healing was quite an extraordinary experience to behold.


Previously, I’d been blinded by my sorrow so I was unable to see deep within myself to uncover the blocks that were holding me back. Belinda’s delivery was a dichotomy to me until now. The strength and assuredness with which she hones in, coupled with the tenderness and loving way she held my wounded child, allowed me to soak in the messages I needed deep into every cell. I’ve listened to our session recording multiple times since and will continue to do so as it was quite simply, a life-altering experience.


Thank you Belinda, for the dedication you demonstrate by helping so many of us heal so that we may shine our light for others as well. You are a gift."


Author A.P. Morris

"Thank you again for the truly SPECTACULAR job you've done in counseling and communicating angels' messages"


"Hello Belinda! I was thinking of you yesterday and of all of the life changing sessions we've been having.   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the truly SPECTACULAR job you've done in counseling and communicating angels' messages, your life experience as a conscious co-creator with Spirit, and all of the compassion, love and support you've given to me.


This last meditation is truly amazing.  Each time I listen to it, I find more and more golden nuggets of healing courage and self confidence.  My eyes are tearing up with so much gratitude."


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