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12 Archangels Community Membership


Welcome to our community where you will learn wonderful tools from the 12 Archangels to move out of fear and step into the vibration of pure undiluted love. LOVE is the attractive force of the Great Universe that supports you in receiving your Heart's desires, together with safety, security, and freedom. Please enjoy listening to two new channeled illuminating lessons AND two new channeled deepest healing imagery exercises each month. Lessons and healing exercises work energetically (even if you fall asleep). Let the Angels' love open you to transform the old story of lack and receive the wealth that is your divine birthright. Your responsibility? Stay aware of fear, forgive the past, and ask your Soul to move your ego out of the way in taking loving care of you.

What's included in your membership:

Illuminating Lessons

Twice a month in-depth channeled recordings (and over 100 archived recordings). Each lesson is different and packed with tools and insight to change your reality for the better. Also included, enjoy the valuable lessons from guest teachers and experts that will be added to the Illuminating Lessons classroom.

"Words are extremely limited to translate what I'm feeling and living right now. But with all the certainty of my heart, my life on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, has changed. 

Since I dove into ILLUMINATING LESSONS, I discovered my inner child; I recognized the importance of my heart, my intuition and my feelings! My life is much more balanced. A wonderful explosion of violet fire and love woke up my inner being! 

I can no longer imagine my life without the teachings from the 12 archangels through the beautiful being that is Belinda! Eternal gratitude with a lot of love from my heart! 

As above so below, as within so without!"

~ Marcia Campos

Deepest Healing Exercises for Receiving from Source

10 minute audio meditations) that transform and lift fear out of the  subconscious. Images to open your creative-intuitive brain are included. The 12 Archangels say, "move fear out of your humanity and make more room for your prosperity!"

Please note that the courses, Illuminating Lessons and Deepest Healing Exercises, are only available to the 12 Archangels Community Members. The course prices listed below are placeholders because Podia requires them. The material is priceless and we trust you will discover this for yourself. 

The 12 Archangels University Basic Foundation

The 12 Archangels University is an integration of esoteric wisdom and practical (down to Earth) transformation. The 12 Archangels, channeled by Belinda Womack, use the powerful images of the Universal Waite tarot cards to fire up the intuition and “clairs” of the student, clairgnosis, clairsentenience, and clairvoyance. 

Channeled affirmations from the 12 Archangels

For immediate vibration shifting (which lets financial and all other support flow from Creator to you).  Affirmations with images to support the awakening of the intuitive-feminine brain can be found in the community site's posts. 

The Sage Wisdom Program

Which offers sample classes from gifted teachers.

Access to a likeminded, online community

If you choose, you may interact with other members of the community as much, or as little as you like.

All audio recordings can be downloaded to your phone or device for continuous enjoyment and inner discovery.


Tuition: $22 per month or $220 for the year. 

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