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Angels All Around Me

Are you aware of just how close the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun are to you? Do you know that they LIVE within your natal astrological chart, offering you guidance, encouragement, understanding and direction? Would you like to know what they are saying to YOU?

​A Personal Medicine Wheel Reading from the 12 Archangels channeled Just for You by Belinda Womack

This reading will be delivered as an audio/mp3 download.


What’s inside an “Angels All Around Me” medicine wheel channeled reading?


Each reading begins with channeled messages, specific to you, from the Archangels of the 5 directions (East, South, West, North and Center). We then move to how specific Angels support you in this incarnation. Belinda channels the Archangels that correspond to the 4 directions of your natal chart, ascendant, IC, descendent, and mid-heaven. Each axis of support is explained clearly by the Angels.


Next, the Angels share with you how they support you and how you can support yourself by the following: The Archangel(s) that correspond to the placement of your Sun (who you are growing into being), Moon (your inner child and emotional nature), Mercury (how you think and what you are here to communicate), Venus (how you relate to others and how to support yourself with Angelic help in your relationships and partnerships), Mars (how you can move forward and direct your actions with the help of the Angels) and Jupiter (how you receive abundance and what do you need to understand about abundance in this lifetime).


“The Angels All Around Me” reading is a “super booster” for your self-esteem and designed to give you great encouragement and LOVE for your Journey.  

Here’s how it works:


I need you to email me your date, time and place of birth. I will study your natal western sidereal astrological chart and channel a message from several key heavenly bodies, but in the persona of the corresponding Archangel and Guide. If you know of a persistent, life-long pattern or issue that has seemed to plague you all of your days, then include this in your email that contains your birth information. The Angels and Guides will address the pattern or concern and give you the support you need to move beyond this old story into greater self-respect, freedom, happiness and abundance. 

This audio channeled reading will be emailed to you as a mp3 audio file (will download directly into iTunes or your media player) so that you can listen to the wisdom held within on-going. You can trust that your audio reading will be full of positive and healing energy, loving-kindness and help that never grows old. The reading will be thorough and will be well over an hour in length.


The cost is $600. Please expect a 7-14 day delivery time. 


Included as a bonus for your signing up for a “Angels All Around Me” reading 

Belinda will also channel a guided imagery meditation for you to address a current issue/crisis/concern (please include in your email to If you do not have a current concern where you need help and insight from the Angels, I will channel a healing mediation to support your everyday life. The guided imagery meditation will come in a separate email so be sure to look for it.

"WOW! Holy Toledo.  My head is spinning.  That was the most powerful hour of my life.  

LOVE.  Love and support like I have never felt before in my life...I wish every soul on this planet can get here and feel this."

~S. Behr

Please pay here for your “Angels All Around Me” reading

Which includes your bonus guided imagery meditation.  The cost is $600. Please expect a 7-14 day delivery time. 



If you do not like PayPal, we can email you an invoice from Intuit-QuickBooks and you can pay directly with your credit card. You can also mail a check if this is preferred.


Please note that you will not have a phone conversation with Belinda because this is not necessary. The “Angels All Around Me” audio reading compliments and supports the 12 Archangels Deepest Healing Shamanic Audios and occasional private sessions with Belinda or other healers of your choice. 

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