12 Archangels Graduate Program for Healing Artists

and Spiritual Illuminators.

Do you feel called to help humanity and Mother Earth?


This is my invitation to immerse yourself in an intimate community between10-15-students. The 12 Angels Graduate Program is an advanced mastery level education to support your individualized and specialized vocation as a facilitator of healing and positive change.


From my experience, I believe that an initiate of Spirit must be brave for we are asked to travel into the underworld of human suffering, into the madness that cries out for sanctuary. The 12 Archangels call us to go where only LOVE dares to tread. It is in these dark corners, the corners where fear has settled for eons of time, that we need to seek out and bring LOVE where it has been missing for far too long. We must do this within ourselves and only then can we truly be a lantern for others wishing to find the key to the door that will open their own prisons.


My inspiration to create the Graduate Program comes from teaching and facilitating deep transformations and awakenings with the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun for close to 30 years. In this time, I have learned a wealth of information that I feel moved to share with other healing artists and spiritual illuminators in a way that will support you.


"Please take a deep breath and CENTER YOUR MIND WITHIN YOUR HEART."

Do you feel called by Spirit to help humanity and Mother Earth rise up from the limitations of suffering and the misuse of energy?

  • Are you ready to experience the value of feeling your own feelings and listening to the wisdom of the higher Self for yourself in order to grow deeper in your ability to offer support and insight to another? Belinda believes that to see clearly, we must be willing to dance with our own inner devils until they melt in the Light of Forgiveness.

  • Are you willing to be a conduit of Divine Love without sacrificing your own needs and desires in order to care for others? For Belinda, this is something that it has taken me many years to understand and to adopt into my work.

  • Do you desire to create a deeply healing practice that offers true service to others and also grows into a successful business? 

  • Do you know you have gifts/help to offer but you are not sure where to start or how to expand from where you are now?

  • Do you need to earn a good livelihood from your service work and DO NOT want to compromise your ethics, principles and boundaries to do it?

  • Would you like to see the miracles that transforming the fear held within the wounded child-self and deepest cellular subconscious facilitates for you as well as for your clients?

  • Have you tried other education programs geared to large groups that offer very little, if any, personal attention on your specific needs as a human and as a healing artist?

  • Do you feel that you could benefit from clear and reliable instruction from the 12 Archangel Kingdoms, Ascended Masters and your Committee of Helpers in Heaven to support the focus and growth of your business? 

  • Are you ready to experience the success that comes when you understand that there is really no separation between what is happening within you and what is manifesting in your work?

This graduate-level education is being designed for the authentic and inspired spiritual luminary and healing artist (includes the new initiate that feels the Soul pull to be of service for the greater good of all). Please do not consider enrolling unless it resonates with every atom of your being. It is quite a commitment and worth every ounce of effort you decide to invest into it.

Please note that the 12 Angels Graduate Program is not a duplication of the material in the 12 Archangels University, although you will likely find it very helpful to be an active member of the 12 AU.

Details: Graduate Program Year One


You are invited to participate in 10, once per month interactive 4-5 hour webinars (Zoom.us platform) OR you may listen to the recording if you need to miss a class. Classes will be held on approximately the first Saturday of the month beginning on September 11, 2021. You will be emailed a link to download the audio recording of each class shortly after the webinar ends.

There will be a discussion/ Q & A on the Sunday following each webinar.  The student group will be divided into 2 smaller groups to make sure each individual gets the attention they need. Expect about 1.5 hour for the discussion and sharing. This will also be recorded and posted in the Class of 2021-2022 GP student private classroom (on Belinda's podia.com platform.)

We will also have 2 or more meetings during the year that are in addition to the webinars and discussion groups. These meetings will focus entirely on starting and launching (or expanding) a Soul and heart focused business and/or vocation. It is fine if you are not wanting to start a business but would like to have a spiritual blog, for example. Students will also receive 1 to 2 channeled guided meditations each month to support on-going learning and revelation from deep within. 

Tuition also includes 3 Soul Sessions ($1800 value) to be scheduled as needed during the 10 month program.

Each webinar is artfully designed by the 12 Archangels to:

1) Teach you some deepest healing and revelatory tools to support your own spiritual and human evolution. No (subconscious) stone goes unturned with the training of the 12 Archangels. Expect to be your own client through a year-long process of developing and applying your own intuitive skills and tapping into new forms of creative expression.

2) Address what works and what doesn’t work for each student in allowing the Divine to grow your practice 

3) Instruction from the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters in transforming the human collective through your spiritual/artistic/creative abilities. And always, some surprises from Spirit!

Sample Webinar Topics


  • DNA Scrubs focused on past lives as a healing artist or creative thinker

  • Inner child communication and transformation of the dissociated child/fractured self for you and for your clients

  • Lessons on how the Laws of the Universe work for YOU, on Schoolroom Earth *Lessons from the Lords of Karma on boundaries

  • Changing the past and changing the present with the 12 Archangels, Pleiadians, Sirians, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus and other original designers of Schoolroom Earth

  • The Angels nuts and bolts for making money and learning that these are not usually made of metal

  • Social media, requirement for growth or a distraction? What works best for your vibration, your clients and your Soul

  • Managing the lessons of “The Story of Job” (when this spiritual initiation calls you to learn the value of surrender)

  • Awakening the higher Power of Ancient Atlantis within your atoms

  • Deepest subconscious transformation, making more room for Love to work through you


And many other topics that will surprise us and manifest benefits in daily life, personal and professional.

The webinars, together with the small discussion group conversations, create a one-of-a-kind program that is flexible, dynamic and completely focused on your own deepest healing as well as supporting the grounding, expansion and financial success of your practice.

Angels DO KNOW a thing or two about running a successful business. Please hear that no matter where you are in your experience as a healing artist, the 12 Archangels will take you much further into your own incredible giftedness and help you to do the same for your willing clients and students. I receive NEW insights and training from the Angels daily!

At the end of year 1 (August 2022), I will invite interested students to submit a photo, brief bio and description of your healing practice to be put on a page on my website. I will also announce interested student’s healing practice and contact details in an email blast to my list.


Tuition:  Doing one “Soul Session” is required before the graduate program begins on September 11th, 2021. Please go here to learn more. 10 Monthly payments of $744, due on August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, February 1, 2022, March 1, 2022, April 1, 2022, May 1, 2022, and June 1, 2022.


DO ask the Universe to send you your tuition in a gentle and generous way.

How to Enroll

Please send an email to AuthorBelindaWomack@gmail.com and let me know that your ego has surrendered to the calling of your Soul! Please include the date, time and place of your birth unless I already have your natal chart information.


  • Are you a veteran healer or only now feeling the tug of Soul to call you into a career of service to Divine Oneness?

  • Tell me how long you have been employed by God/ Divine Oneness and whether or not you have the business you need to thrive financially?

  • How are you treated by your clients?

  • Do you want to expand what you do to include new creative interests?

  • Do you feel that your work gives back to you in ways that equal the emotional, mental and physical energy that you put into your work?

  • Are you willing to change what is not working for you from the inside out?


I no longer require a deposit to join the 12 Angels Graduate Program, however there are only 10-15 spaces available so let me know to hold your spot as soon as you know that you are coming!

"Working with Belinda and the Angels in the Healing Artists Graduate Program has been an amazing, life changing experience."

"I always knew I was meant to be doing something more in line with my life’s purpose, something that helped people, but had never been able to nail down what that actually looked like and had spent so many years endlessly searching for. Not only did the GP program help me to define what that is, I have so many amazing tools to put that into action. I am clear, confident in making my soul purpose my new life time career, which means I feel strong enough and have the means to be able to leave a corporate job that sucks the life out of me. 


Belinda has taught me so much about myself and my inner children which has helped me grow into my power and be able to get through life situations that before I would have never been able to face. The amount of love that emanates from Belinda is beautiful, she is truly an angel and the care that she gives through this program, it's actually difficult to put into a few words! It feels like every cell is being filled with warmth, comfort, truth, strength, courage, trust and so so much love. As well as lovely Belinda, the support of the other students has been amazing and I have found family I will cherish for ever.  

I am so excited to embark on my soul's purpose and help people find their truth, just as Belinda has helped me find mine."

-Thank you so much, Belinda.  From my heart to yours, love you.


"If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and express your fullest potential helping our planet and humanity expand and transform from fear to love, Don't Wait Another Minute.

The 12 Archangels Graduate Program is the journey of a lifetime!. It's truly a gift from the heavens and the deepest path I know to the awakening of your Higher Self and the discovery of your Life's Purpose. 


This past year, my life has transformed itself in a way I could never imagine. The program has given me many gifts, but the greatest gift of all, has been the journey back to discover myself through the Love of myself. Working with the Angels and Belinda has allowed me to reconnect with my Higher Wisdom and my Highest Truth, uncovering the intention I had when I decided to come back to this Earth School. 


As a conscious business leader and Spiritual Illuminator, this program has helped me uncover and honor my Highest gifts. Working through the Love and guidance of Belinda and the Angels, I've become a higher expression of myself and in turn, I'm now able to best serve others, as I help them to find their own Truth. Undergoing this deep transformation, reaching my atomic level, I am forever changed, I'm forever grateful. 

So, If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and to express your fullest potential helping the planet and our humanity expand and transform from Fear to Love, don't wait another minute. The voice won't go away... you've ben called to Serve! Follow the sign, enjoy this incomparable journey and I will see you, transformed, on the other side with the Angels, Belinda and the Graduate program family! 

-All my love,


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