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 12 Archangels Accelerated Discovery Program ~ GP 
For Consciousness Shifters, Healing Artists and Spiritual Illuminators 
(working in the world or working behind the scenes).


Are you hearing the call of the 12 Archangels to help Schoolroom Earth and all her inhabitants RISE UP and experience greater LOVE?

The Helpers in Heaven need your unique and powerful vibration to assist in transforming suffering and the misuse of energy and they need it NOW MORE THAN EVER!


Please begin asking Divine Source for your GP tuition. Ask for the tuition to come to you with ease and clarity.

Here are a few questions to see if you are ready to dive into the education of many lifetimes:

  • Are you ready to discover your inner wealth and use your highest vibrational intuition to help the inhabitants of Schoolroom Earth? YES, your spiritual intelligence can fully manifest the dreams of your human Heart and help others to do the same!

  • Is your ego ready to transcend believing that you are all alone, earning your living on your own and therefore, being supported by Divine Source must be just make-believe?

  • Are you willing to develop the patience needed to allow your Soul to guide your life and your service work?

  • Is your mind open to evolving in consciousness to support living a more fearless life every day?

  • Are you ready to experience the value of feeling your own feelings and listening to the wisdom of the higher Self for yourself in order to grow deeper in your ability to offer support and insight to another? Belinda believes that to see clearly, we must be willing to dance with our own inner devils until they melt in the Light of Forgiveness.

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  • Are you willing to be a conduit of Divine Love without sacrificing your own needs and desires in order to care for others? For Belinda, this is something that it has taken me many years to understand and to adopt into my work.

  • Would you like to see the miracles that transforming the fear held within the wounded child-self and deepest cellular subconscious facilitates for you as well as for your clients if you are a practitioner?

  • Are you ready to experience the stable and long-lasting success that comes when you understand that there is really no separation between what is happening within you and what you are experiencing in your life (and work)?

This accelerated and advanced education has been designed by the 12 Archangels for the inspired consciousness shifter, seasoned or newly beginning-healing practitioner and all spiritual luminaries. Please do not consider enrolling unless it resonates with every atom of your being. It is quite a commitment and worth every ounce of effort you decide to invest into it.

Please note that the 12 Archangels Discovery Program GP is not a duplication of the material in the 12 Archangels University, although you will likely find it very helpful to be an active member of the 12 AU.

Details: GP Year One

The Accelerated Discovery Program (GP) includes 10 in-depth channeled audio webinars (each about 2.5 hours long but you will want to stop the recording to do the meditations and exercises). You will have access to a new webinar each month.


Included in the program is the 12 Archangels audio class on how to create, build and expand any business that is for the greatest good and highest joy for all (especially YOU). You will have access to this clear and super-helpful class as soon as you join the program.


Guided meditations and additional audio classes, not including the 10 main webinars, will be added to the GP as Belinda is guided to channel them.


You have access to Belinda for questions via email throughout the entire length of the program and beyond. Belinda also hosts regular discussion group meetings on zoom for current GP students. Notifications with date and zoom invite are emailed directly to students.


There is also a GP on-line community where graduates and students can converse with one another. Access will be given once you enroll in the GP. You may also share with your fellow classmates and Belinda through the COMMENTS feature found in your classroom.

Each audio class has been artfully designed by the 12 Archangels for you to experience:

1) You will learn and practice the 12 Archangels’ deepest healing and revelatory tools to support your own spiritual and human evolution. No (subconscious) stone goes unturned with the training of the 12 Archangels. Expect to be your own client through a year-long process of developing and applying your own intuitive skills and tapping into new forms of creative expression.

2) You will gain rapid mental and emotional expansion to facilitate your humanity experiencing far more joy, trust and freedom. You will develop clarity and confidence on the application and expression of your own Soul’s focused mission for this life.

3) You will receive Instruction from your own counsel of 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters in how you are called to transform the fear, suffering and limitation of the human collective through your spiritual/artistic/creative abilities and how to earn your living doing so (if this is needed and desired).

Sample Webinar Topics


  • How Schoolroom Earth works and the nuts and bolts of how to change one’s reality from the inside out. Getting the ego to surrender to the care and direction of Soul, Angels and Helpers in Heaven.

  • Recognition and transformation of limiting and destructive subconscious paradigms brought in through both ancestry and past lives. All levels of the subconscious are reachable for healing!

  • Working with the colors and energies of the chakras for energy healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies and to facilitate long-distance (remote) healing for human and planetary suffering.

  • Reclaiming the lost gifts of Lemuria, Atlantis and Terra.

  • Clearing of shabungi (negative vibrations) and shutting down the “rabbit holes” of where healers leak energy and fall down in vibration (and back into lack and difficulty).

  • Manifestation of wealth from the inside out.

  • Learn the names of the 12 Archangels (as they were told to Belinda) and how the Angels help us to evolve through astrology.

  • Deep transformation of the subconscious roots of energy loss, unworthiness and the suppression of the feminine (which restricts the ability to RECEIVE from SOURCE).

Having access to such rich, pure and comprehensive instruction from the 12 Archangels and Helpers in Heaven creates a one-of-a-kind program that is flexible, dynamic and completely focused on your own deepest spiritual evolution as well as supporting the expansion and success of your creative projects and World Service (done directly or through prayer).

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Please hear that no matter where you are in your experience as a healing artist, the 12 Archangels will take you much further into your own incredible giftedness and help you to do the same for your willing clients and students. I receive NEW insights and training from the Angels daily!


When you finish the Accelerated Discovery Program and you are a healing practitioner, you can submit your photo, brief bio and description, along with the link to your website to to be added to the “Get Support” page on

Recommended Prerequisite:

Both “Awakening the Messenger Brain, Symbolic Language I” and “Heart Power Recovery” are very much recommended (because you will LOVE them). To find either of these two courses, go here:


Tuition: 10 monthly payments of $600 each will be charged to your credit card each month for 10 consecutive months (total tuition is $6000). This is done directly through Podia.


Ask Divine Source for your GP tuition. Ask for each payment to come to you with ease and joy.

How to Enroll


Are you willing to change what is not working for you, in your life, and in your work, from the inside out? If your answer is "YES," then please know you are welcome to join the 12 Archangels Accelerated Discovery Program!

"Working with Belinda and the Angels in the Healing Artists Graduate Program has been an amazing, life changing experience."

"I always knew I was meant to be doing something more in line with my life’s purpose, something that helped people, but had never been able to nail down what that actually looked like and had spent so many years endlessly searching for. Not only did the GP program help me to define what that is, I have so many amazing tools to put that into action. I am clear, confident in making my soul purpose my new life time career, which means I feel strong enough and have the means to be able to leave a corporate job that sucks the life out of me. 


Belinda has taught me so much about myself and my inner children which has helped me grow into my power and be able to get through life situations that before I would have never been able to face. The amount of love that emanates from Belinda is beautiful, she is truly an angel and the care that she gives through this program, it's actually difficult to put into a few words! It feels like every cell is being filled with warmth, comfort, truth, strength, courage, trust and so so much love. As well as lovely Belinda, the support of the other students has been amazing and I have found family I will cherish for ever.  

I am so excited to embark on my soul's purpose and help people find their truth, just as Belinda has helped me find mine."

-Thank you so much, Belinda.  From my heart to yours, love you.


"If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and express your fullest potential helping our planet and humanity expand and transform from fear to love, Don't Wait Another Minute.

The 12 Archangels Graduate Program is the journey of a lifetime!. It's truly a gift from the heavens and the deepest path I know to the awakening of your Higher Self and the discovery of your Life's Purpose. 


This past year, my life has transformed itself in a way I could never imagine. The program has given me many gifts, but the greatest gift of all, has been the journey back to discover myself through the Love of myself. Working with the Angels and Belinda has allowed me to reconnect with my Higher Wisdom and my Highest Truth, uncovering the intention I had when I decided to come back to this Earth School. 


As a conscious business leader and Spiritual Illuminator, this program has helped me uncover and honor my Highest gifts. Working through the Love and guidance of Belinda and the Angels, I've become a higher expression of myself and in turn, I'm now able to best serve others, as I help them to find their own Truth. Undergoing this deep transformation, reaching my atomic level, I am forever changed, I'm forever grateful. 

So, If you've heard that small voice that keeps calling you to explore more, to do more, to dream more and to express your fullest potential helping the planet and our humanity expand and transform from Fear to Love, don't wait another minute. The voice won't go away... you've ben called to Serve! Follow the sign, enjoy this incomparable journey and I will see you, transformed, on the other side with the Angels, Belinda and the Graduate program family! 

-All my love,


"If you are ready and willing to see the absolute truth of your purpose here, you will never regret signing up for this course."

I booked a personal session with Belinda two years {after I read her book}.  My life was changed after that session with the profound messages and guidance I received from Belinda and the 12 Archangels.  She mentioned the graduate program to me with no pressure whatsoever and my session concluded.  A few months went by and I casually looked into the GP.  I needed to manifest the funds to enroll in the class.  I asked the 12 Archangels to help me manifest the funds.  I opened the drawer to my desk a minute later and I found the funds I needed.  Tucked into the drawer and forgotten about was a small pension plan from the public school where I worked for 13 years in the Special Education Department.   The 12 Archangels worked fast!

Have you ever truly been seen, heard, and guided by truth and simultaneously been embraced, transformed, wrapped and bathed in love?  The truth, the clarity, the precision with which the teachings offered and shared in the 12 Archangel Graduate Program and channeled through the clear, radiant, light and lovely voice of the earth angel, Belinda Womack are beyond comparison.

The Graduate Program with the 12 Archangels and Belinda Womack has been and continues to unfold into being the most extraordinarily healing and deep dive into honoring, allowing, accepting and surrendering to the calling of my soul. 

This program and working with Belinda and getting to know the other students from all over the world has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself.  If you are ready and willing to see the absolute truth of your purpose here you will never regret signing up for this course.

-Angela O'Brien-Greywitt 

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