Over twenty five years ago Belinda was called into service

by the angels, here's what they want you to know.

As a child, Belinda communicated with Angels and Loving Beings in Heaven, however when she turned 12, she turned off her special heavenly radio receiver and decided to become a scientist.  She did all she could to rely on the logical and rational part of her brain and earned two masters degrees; one in microbiology and one in environmental science.  All of her effort to be practical and rely on tangible evidence was blown away on the day, while working in a pediatric oncology lab, archangel Gabriel visited her and changed all she believed she knew about herself and life on Earth.  Belinda loves to work with the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters to relay their transformational and deepest-healing messages through personal consultations, channeled readings, online classes, and live-webinars.

Curious? Start with the Book.

Each message awakens your innate spiritual power to rebuild destroyed self esteem, lifting you higher in vibration and allowing your life to be filled with the power of your own divinity.

Each word, transmitted directly from the 12 Archangels, carries their love, so that when read, the love is absorbed into the reader's mind and supports the release of our deepest wounds and fears.