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What is the 12 Archangels University?


The 12 Archangels University is an integration of esoteric wisdom and practical (down to Earth) transformation. The 12 Archangels, channeled by Belinda Womack, use the powerful images of the Universal Waite tarot cards to fire up the intuition and “clairs” of the student, clairgnosis, clairsentenience, and clairvoyance.  This multi-faceted education, presented in an easy-to-experience structure, awakens, and activates the feminine, creative-intuitive brain at a new level. The Angels’ tools support clear access to your own highest vibrational intuitive Truth as well as facilitate deep emotional healing. 

The University is hosted on and is comprised of 15 core educational modules, each with 3 in-depth videos. In addition to these foundational 15 modules, please find 4 additional, advanced, modules. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the lessons offered in the “12 AU!” The 12 AU LIFETIME option has an additional 84 unique and transformative audio classes. The 12 AU Basic Foundation option includes 12 audio classes that focus on creativity and receiving in true wealth and happiness from Source. Please note that the 12 AU LIFETIME also includes this special set of audio classes.

I recommend that if your heart and Soul feel called to work with the 12 Archangels in your daily life, try the University for 1 month. If you are not amazed by your experience, then I will refund your money with no questions asked. It is that simple. This is a “my Soul is calling” kind of education. It is completely acceptable if you discover that it is not right for you or not right for you at this time. You can always come back and join us when you are ready.


12 Archangels University Basic Foundation

The Basic Foundation program includes the 15 core video modules (each with three classes), 4 advanced modules, and 12 “True Wealth” audio classes. Price is $576 or $48 for 12 Months. The 12 Archangels Basic Foundation is now included in the 12 Archangels Community Membership.

12 Archangels Lifetime

In In addition to what is included for the Basic Foundation's class, the lifetime membership includes 6 Years of archived audio classes (72 classes). The tuition is $212 a month for 12 months.

Modules and Audio Classes include:


  • In depth education of all of the Angel Healing Energies of the chakras and beyond

  • Methods for opening the intuitive-creative brain to support the ability to do guided imagery exercises and to see, know, and sense the beyond at the vibration of pure LOVE.

  • Practices to clear negative energy

  • Tools to communicate with and transform the subconscious (wounded child)

  • Tools to communicate with the higher self, Soul, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides in Heaven and Mother Nature

  • Tools to support the healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies of the human vessel

  • Tools to activate the creative genius and to manifest the desires of the heart

  • Tools to support healing in personal and family relationships

  • Tools to transform and heal inherited limited belief systems or those brought in from past lives

  • Tools or you to interpret your own dreams and life

  • Education on images that support the healing and reversal of lack consciousness

  • Education on using the images of the Universal Waite tarot as a method to communicate with our Helpers in Heaven

  • Education on using the images of the Universal Waite tarot for in-depth self- discovery and for the manifestation of “Heaven on Earth” in daily life.

  • Opportunity to repeat any or all of the modules indefinitely.



Email Belinda

Still not sure? Try out some short, complimentary classes here.  


The 12 AU is a great compliment to the Angels’ Advanced Training (GP). Would you like to learn more about this phenomenal opportunity?
Find out more, HERE 

"Wow, this 12 Archangels University is incredibly powerful.

"Belinda 💕thank you & the 12 archangels and central sun💫
I am so grateful💓"

~Shama F. Kulham

"For me, perhaps the most valuable gift I experience as I take this that I am loving myself at deeper and deeper levels.

And that changes everything! "

"When I started working with the 12 Archangels and Belinda within the last year, I was a woman who could not envision images or even colors with my eyes closed.  As a result, I felt frustrated. I avoided any guided meditations as well as anything that required me to receive or image (imagine). Feeling very boxed in, I wanted to grow beyond my limitations. 


In November of 2018, I was nudged from within to enroll in The 12 Archangels University. Being just a wee bit more excited than scared, I chose to trust the Angels, to trust the process and to participate in the Angel’s University. As a result, everything has been shifting for me in ways that are immeasurable. 


I am now receiving information from the Rider-Waite Tarot cards. My intuition skills are expanding. My curiosity for life is increasing. My ability to envision is evolving. A childlike curiosity is being reborn from deep within me. 

For me, perhaps the most valuable gift I experience as I take this class— as I trust the process, choosing to be vulnerable, inviting the angels to inform me and work with me through these cards— is that I am loving myself at deeper and deeper levels. And that changes everything! 


If you are feeling a nudge and yet hesitating, I encourage you to say yes to and for you and begin an incredible journey of soul discovery and unconditional love— Belinda and the Twelve Archangels are trustworthy guides and mentors for this profound journey."

~Laura Rath, Anacortes, WA

"It has been a year since I joined the 12 AA University. I honestly did not have much understanding about the practice and lessons when I started. I was looking for a teacher and a practice

to grow."


"Whenever I was confused and I had doubts about the lessons and teachings, Angels brought answers to me in unexpected ways and my doubts cleared and I had some deeper understanding how you and They were helping us in a profound way. I want to share this with you: I had a family union last month with my parents after 2-3 years. It was the most peaceful gathering that I have ever experienced with them.I did not think it was possible for us to make our peace in this life time. 


I cannot  express my gratitude. I am still a working progress, I still regress from time to time ,but now I feel much, much stronger because I know where to go, I know which tools to use, I know that I can ask for help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much. Blessings and love,"


“Since attending the 12 Archangels University, I've been attracting more positive experiences in my life. 

My home life has gotten better and happier, my professional life has been transformed, and my personal relationships with my family members and friends have greatly improved.”


-S.B. Seattle, WA

“We love watching the videos and learning new ways to expand, grow, and transform.

The tarot deck is fascinating to learn and a wonderful tool to help guide us in our daily lives. The monthly conference call, with Belinda, addresses just what we need. The calls leave us much more self-aware, open, and full of love.


We would highly recommend this education to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and creating a more prosperous life. Thank you so much Belinda! The 12 Archangels University is priceless!”


-K.V. and S.V. Minneapolis, MN

"​I could share that I am learning to

experience myself as energy. 


The energy registers physically in my body and it can be anything from the energy fizzing, prickling, bubbling, surging, frothing, flowing, pulsating or swirling.  These energy feelings are guiding me to other frequencies and lifting my vibration.   A lot of these energy sensations feel like some divine housecleaning is working apace!

Last night I was holding the strength card and my entire hand felt like a fizzy tablet and the crown of my head filled with frothy bubbles.

I have decided to keep an Archangel U. journal to keep track of my experiences."

​-Jan, UK

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