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12 Archangels Power Sessions

Working closely with the 12 Archangels and loving Guides in Heaven, I have channeled 9 subconscious healing and transformational audio healing sessions. These sessions are packed with the greatest Power in the Universe, pure LOVE and far reaching forgiveness. Many of the guided imagery exercises, although different from those in Lessons from the 12 Archangels have been tested for over 25 years in my private consultations with clients, age 5 to 90, from all over the globe.

For your best success, it helps to have a good understanding of “Angel Power, Working with the God Force of the Chakras,” found on page 22 (Book 3) in Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life. Also, participating in the 12 Archangels University membership program supports your own intuition in revealing to you what is ready to be transformed. The material in the audio sessions is not a repeat of the University, however they definitely work well together to maximize your ability to create positive and lasting change in your life.


You can listen to the audio sessions in my virtual classroom and/or download the audio files to your computer or mobile device. 

Participation in the 12 Archangels University Membership Program supports the deep transformation in the Angel Power Sessions. 

Sessions Include

1. Foundation Session: 

This session is a great way to start the week, on track and ready to receive God's blessings! The Angels start by grounding us in the flow between Earth and Heaven and then give us their fun and easy method for clearing the mind of distraction and negativity. This session includes a fast and easy way to transform the old hurt and loss (from the PAST) that is bubbling up from the subconscious. By practicing "forgiving that which is unforgivable" and asking Divine Source to fill our vessels with the energy of forgiveness, prepares us to experience a peaceful confidence and trust that we are safe and secure. 


2. Inner Child Rescue Session, Part A and B: 

In this session, the Angels and our team in Heaven supports us in first connecting with our inner child so that, together, we can rewrite the story of any traumatic memories from childhood. We will learn why we chose the family setup that we experienced and how bringing love where love has been missing changes the our current story we are living. Are we ready to call back our power and step into happiness? Please jump in with a courageous heart and see where the 12 Archangels take you!


As we continue to release any event that made us feel miserable as a child, we learn how to change the sad to happy. The Angels also support us in doing this session in reverse by identifying present day anxiety that does not seem to have a cause, or general disappointment in life, or feeling displeased with friends, our partner or co-workers. The hurt of the inner child is core to all we experience in daily life. By reaching the core of the old suffering, we create lasting, positive change so that life just keeps getting better.​

3. Conquering the Self-Sabotage of the wounded Child Session: 

Learn to identify the true source of self-sabotage by transforming the biggest fears of the wounded child within you. Ready to feel safe to ask, receive, give and share without being afraid of punishment or humiliation? Would it feel wonderful to not have that old nagging fear that abandonment is lurking in the back closet of your mind?

Enjoy the deep healing as the 12 Archangels take the big weight of responsibility off your shoulders and heal the hurt of the past that causes you to over self protect today.

4. Transforming Our Family Relationships Session, Part A and B:

Understanding why we chose the parents and family situation we did before incarnation can shed great Light on our karmic homework for this life. In this deepest healing session, the Angels give us a tool to help transform the drama for the entire family that sure does help us to create healthier relationships and happier experiences! In Part B, we learn how to stay on the spoke and experience an incredible 12 Archangel inner child rescue like no other!

5. Changing Reality (Subconscious Library) Session, Part A and B: 

This session allows us to enter into the lost rooms of the subconscious mind and do some major house cleaning of old beliefs. The Angels give us clear direction on exactly what to ferret out, release and give back to God. Making room within the subconscious and letting go of the pasts we no longer want to live, opens us to receive Heaven on Earth. 

We will visit the Library of Beliefs, the Brainwashing Room, the Expectations Room, the Proof and Evidence File Cabinets, the Frontal Lobe Filters and the Hat and Cloak Room. Please have water and chocolate ready!

In Part B, the Angels take show us specific books, files and hats that need to go to support our freedom and reclamation of our Divinity.


6. Subconscious Reflections, The Magic Mirror Session, Part A and B: 

What we may not always be aware of consciously is that when the subconscious needs to give us a message, it sends this to us in the experiences of our lives. We always have access to knowing what we believe in our hidden depths when we look around us and ask, "What is this reflecting back to me?" Our relationships are especially powerful mirrors into our own subconscious workings.


In part B, the Angels continue with helping us explore the powerful reflections offered to us in our key relationships. We learn how to call our power back and resolve conflict from the inside out.

7. Molecular Deep Dive Sessions, Past Life Rescue and Molecular Scrub:

The Angels begin by helping us to recognize when something ancient and long buried in our subconscious is ready to be released and forgiven. What does this look like in our lives and what might this feel like in our bodies?

They then escort us into a past life where there is trauma that needs to be transformed, a self that is crying out from the darkness, "come find me and take me Home!" Make sure to have your water and chocolate ready as you discover how to set yourself free and your inner treasure too.

We continue with the molecular transformation, finding forgiveness for "that which is unforgivable." Love is the healing balm that allows us to integrate with our divinity. Listen at the end of this session for an "Angel funny" that nearly drove Belinda batty. It holds an important message that is revealed in the final session of the Angel Shamanic Intensive.


8. Stepping Into Wealth Session: 

In this high-powered session, the 12 Archangels move lack out of our vessels with a deep cleanse of the root chakra. They then teach us how to ask and how to receive from Divine Source. The way in which they balance the feminine (receiving) and masculine (manifesting) is beyond beautiful. Are we ready, really ready, to receive what our hearts desire? 

9. Transforming the Fears that "Keep Me Safe":

In this final session, the Angels help transform the fears (and fear based beliefs) trapped in the brain stem that tell us that we need to live in fear in order to survive. They continue the session with removal of the "perception filters," and then a release of ego-personality regrets and resentments. The session ends with an amazing atomic scrub to return your being back to it's original vibration of total unconditional love.



Soaring With Angels Guided Meditation and Love Me Magic Mama Guided Meditation

12 Archangels Shamanic Intensive

Life Changing Audio Sessions

$444 USD OR $74.00 for 6 months.

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